BLOCKsignalling SEC4-DCC DCC Block Section Controller Stop On Dc

BLOCKsignalling SEC4-DCC DCC Block Section Controller (Stop On Dc)

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Monitors trains entering and leaving a section of track Automatically sets the signal at the start of the section to danger (red) Switches a section of track from DCC to DC, so DCC equipped locos automatically decelerate to a standstill in front of the signal at danger. Communicates to previous sections to ensure they show yellow (and double yellow) aspects when 3- and 4-aspect signals are used Last section can simulate returning back to clear using timers to provide realistic operation when 3- and 4-aspect signals are used Points which are not set in the trains favour can force the signal to danger and switch the isolating section to DC Signal can be forced to danger by an external input (useful for starter signals) Suitable for 2-, 3-, and 4-aspect signals Simple to setup, but also fully configurable to provide the most realistic operation Introduction The BLOCKsignalling Block Controller Module is designed to protect a section of track to prevent more than one train entering that section at one time. At the entrance to the section there is a signal and a short isolated piece of track which can be energised with DCC or DC by a relay and diode rectifier built-in to the module. There is also an infra-red sensor which is located below the track which is able to detect trains passing the signal. The isolated section of track is normally energised with DCC and the signal normally shows a green aspect. At the start of the section, the infra-red sensor is continuously looking for a trains passing, and as soon as it detects one, it switches the signal to red and feeds DC to the section of track, slowing any approaching train to a standstill in front of the red signal. The module then uses a second infra-red sensor located at the exit from the section of track to detect when the train has completely left the section. When this is confirmed, the signal at the entrance to the block is switched from danger back to green (if a 2-aspect signal is used). If 3- or 4-aspect signals are connected, then information from the following blocks is used to switch the signals to show yellow or double yellow. This is discussed in further detail below. The isolated track section at the entrance is also re-energised with DCC and any waiting train will then accelerate away past the signal. For further details visit this page: