Brawa B2005

Brawa B2005 Open Freight Car Om 21 + Acid Carrying Car Z [P] + Covered Freight Car G10 Kaldewei DB set of 3

  • £112.84


Open Freight Car Om 21 "Kaldewei" DB:

  • Wagenboden aus Zinkdruckguss
  • Buckelblech auch innen dreidimensional nachgebildet
  • Alle Griffstangen einzeln angesetzt
  • Extra angesetzte Lagerdeckel
  • Einzeln angesetzte Bremsumstellhebel
  • Radsätze auch innen profiliert
  • Einzeln angesetzte Scharniere der Bordwände

Acid Carrying Car Z P "Kaldewei" DB:

  • Individually mounted axle box cover
  • Brake system with brake shoes in wheel plane
  • Extra mounted steps
  • Separately mounted axle brake rod
  • Extra braking system
  • Precise replica of board joints
  • Separately mounted address plates
  • True-to-oiginal details
  • Wheelsets with inside contours
  • Acid containers with single-mounted locking devices
  • Filigree replica of the body
  • Short coupling kinematics
  • Originally reproduced, three-dimensional frame body
  • Bogie with three-point support in matal axle bearings

Covered Freight Car G10 "Kaldewei" DB:

  • Metal pedestal tie bars, metal axles
  • Extra signal holders
  • Separately mounted axle box cover
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Close coupling
  • Wheelsets in toe bearing
  • Extra mounted steps and handrails in low-material thickness
  • Multi-part brake system with brake shoes in wheel plane
  • Undercarriage with brake systems