Busch 12116 Feldbahn Diesel Locomotive Gmeinder 1518

Busch 12116 Feldbahn Diesel Locomotive Gmeinder 15/18

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With a working headlight!Replica of a Gmeinder 15/18 hp field locomotive with an open cab.Axis sequence B. Length: approx. 35 mm.Diesel locomotive Gmeinder 15/18The field railway locomotive corresponds to a type that was built in this principle by the Baden company Gmeinder from the mid-twenties.The locomotive was produced in large numbers until the 1950s, and due to its robustness it is still partly in use today.The prototype of the field railway locomotive is labeled "Gmeinder 15/18" (15 HP continuous output / 18 HP short-term output) according to its horsepower and is powered by a diesel engine with three-speed gearbox and chain drive at a maximum speed of 12 km / h.The track width is 600 mm.As with the prototype, the locomotive models are available as variants with an open and closed cab. The small locomotives are driven by a 3 volt micro-precision motor with gear reduction for true to the original slow travel and strong traction. A built-in magnet increases the contact pressure of the locomotive on the metal-lined narrow-gauge tracks, thus ensuring safe power consumption from the rails and smooth, slow travel. The locomotives have a coupling pin on the back of the drivers cab for realistic train formation and a magnetic coupling for operation with trucks and wagons from the Busch mine train range. As in the original, the smallest track radii (up to 100 mm) can be used with the Feldbahn locomotive.