Deluxe Materials Track Magic – Advanced Track Cleaning Fluid

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Track Magic by Deluxe Materials is a fluid based model railway track cleaning solution with properties that not only clean but enhance and promote conductivity, allowing your locomotives to run more reliably on your model railway layout.

Track Magic helps to improve new electrical contacts and restore old ones. It is great for use on wheels and loco pickups. Track Magic is safe to use on plastics, foam and acrylic. It won't damage enamel paint either.

Apply Deluxe Track Magic sparingly with a swab, brush or sponge.

Supplied accessories include:
Small brush for the cleaning of loco wheels, electrical contacts, turnout blades and contact surfaces on point work.
Sponge pad for use on model railway track.
Beaker and pipette for dispensing the fluid.

The separately available accessory or replacement tool kit for Deluxe Materials Track Magic consists of three swabs with handles and a spare sponge.

Deluxe Materials Track Magic is ideal for both conventional analogue and DCC model railway layouts of any scale.