Sommerfeldt - Catenary System

Sommerfeldt model railway overhead catenary system enables you to introduce true overhead operation on your layout. The resulting multiple train operation on one track opens up a large variety of possibilities.  Before starting the installation, please use brochure article no.002 "Sommerfeldt-Instruction booklet".
Sommerfeldt model overhead system will fit to all model railroad brands of scales H0 1:87, and N 1:160.  Should you encounter any problems with the pantographs on your locomotives, you can replace these by Sommerfeldt model pantographs. You will find suitable pantographs for any kind of electrical locomotives.  For 60+ years Sommerfeldt has been involved with model overhead systems and model pantographs. During this time they have gained much experience, being able to develop the most prototypical overhead systems. 
It is a production-line system, that runs from mast to mast in straight sections under proper mechanical tension like the prototypes, and is recommended only for permanent and stable layouts. Most masts are manufactured from steel profiles and are mounted with pedestal screws. All components are delicately manufactured without sacrificing stability and quality.
The overhead system is easy to install and ensures reliable operation if properly tensioned. This tensioning provides flexibility and stable positioning, touching the system will not cause any trouble. Using the various components you can cover all track layouts thus providing solutions any existing overhead system problem. The complete production is handled by their manufacturing site in Hattenhofen (near Göppingen). All components are made and assembled in Germany!