Use Deluxe Materials Card Glue (AD57) with Superquick Kits

SUPERQUICK kits are intended for OO scale Model Railway use and are buildings and structures categorised as Railway, Industrial and Town, Low Relief and Brick & Stone Textured Papers.

These realistic, detailed Superquick models are widely regarded as being the model railway buildings to build and they have been used by many on model railway layouts for around 40 years. Superquick produce their kits in five or six authentic colours and they are laminated onto board to form a durable, strong product with walls of around 1mm.  The kits are pre-cut by superquick to make them easy and fun to construct for all ages.

Superquick LogoCombine the full model railway building kits with the low relief model kits for more variation on your OO scale model railway layout.

Find out more about Superquick's history on Wikipedia.