Busch 12125 ## Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco LKM Ns 2f cab-less

Busch 12125 Narrow Gauge Diesel Loco LKM Ns 2f cab-less

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Diesel locomotive in open design. Colour: dark green with red chassis. Wheel arrangement length: 36mm. The Feldbahnlok Ns2f was one of the most built light railway locomotives in the former GDR. With the serial number 48318 It was first presented in 1952 at the Leipzig Fair. It is driven by a 30 hp engine which sends its power through side rods on both axles of the locomotive. Travelled at speeds of up to 14 km / hour. The locomotive has an electrical system and is designed for track widths 485-630 mm. From 1952 to 1959 550 units of this popular field of railway locomotives were manufactured. Due to its robustness it is still often in seen in private railways and railway museums. The model locomotive like the prototype comes as variants with open and closed cab. The locomotives are powered by a small 3 volt micro-precision motor with gear reduction for scale low speed and strong traction. By a built-in magnet the contact pressure of the locomotive is pulled to the metal-backed narrow gauge railroad thus ensuring a secure supply current of the rails and smooth slow speed. The locomotives have on the back of the cab a coupling pin for realistic marshalling and a magnetic coupling for use with coaches and cars from the Busch-gauge railway line.