Tillig 1720 Passenger coach set of the KPEV with steam locomotive T3

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Passenger coach set of the KPEV, with steam locomotive T3 and four passenger coaches (1x 3rd class., 2x 4th class., 1x baggage car with mail compartment) Equipment of the locomotive: - Multi-protocol decoder onboard DCC and Motorola (similar performance features / parameters to PluX12 66024) - analogue and digital operation possible - Headlights that change with the direction of travel, two or three lights depending on the design - SUSI interface (solder points) for sound module as retrofit - Electronically set top speed, also applies to analogue operation - The shunting speed can be switched on and off in the digital mode to further reduce the speed of travel - Start-up delay and brake deceleration can be switched off in digital mode - Short coupling on both vehicles with standard mount for coupling head - No traction tyres to ensure better power uptake across all three wheel sets - Model is largely made of die-cast zinc. Here a hand pattern of the locomotive: