Tillig 73146 Railbus class VT 2.09 with trailer car VB 2.07 of the DR

  • £241.00


Railbus of the DR The following improvements were achieved compared to earlier models: - New drive, new circuit board - Onboard decoder that is also suitable for DC analogue operation - SUSI interface for the retrofitting of a sound module - Lighting that is dependent on the direction of travel - Power storage as an electronic flywheel mass to improve the handling, including on points with a single vehicle (without driving coach) - The driving coach also takes up power for the motor of the rail car (variants as the multiple unit train) - In the case of coupled driving coaches, the automatic lighting of the headlights on the coupled vehicle sides of the rail car and the driving coach (variants as a multiple train unit) - Interior lighting of both vehicles (variants as multiple train unit) - Equipment of the model with a digital onboard multiprotocol decoder for Märklin Motorola and DCC - analogue alternating current design (Märklin with middle sliding contact) can also be controlled with the built-in decoder on tracks and with the Märklin digital system (optional equipment variant)