Terraced Cottages Relief Kit OO Scale

Ancorton ACTN95865 OOTH4 Terraced Cottages Relief Kit OO Scale

  • £12.50

These kits contains laser cut wooden and card parts that assemble into a half-relief model of a row of five stone terraced cottages, each with a slate roof and a variety of doors and windows.   The kit creates a superbly realistic model of a set of houses that can be found all over the UK and which would look at home on many types of model railway layout, depending upon their final colouring and finish.  Detailed assembly instructions are included. This model is intended for use along the back and edges of a layout and therefore should be secured to the scenery appropriately. However, a plain card or wood backing may be glued to the back of the model, if desired.
Built Model Size: 260mm (w) x 40mm (d) x 60mm (h)