Auhagen 11463 Schmidt Street 3133

Auhagen 11463 Schmidt Street 31/33

  • £79.90


The Schmidt Street buildings have been a staple of many model train sets for years. Now the street is getting another extension. A suggestion from an Auhagen seminar attendee prompted the creation of a building with a shoe store. The interior of the store and the curved show windows of the entrance are real eye-catchers, and the grey roof provides a bit of variety in Schmidt Street. The second building is being rehabilitated. The window panes are painted with white crosses for safety, to show that the panes are in there! Carpenters are working on the roof truss, while material is being hoisted up to them by cable. The kit includes a number of construction accessories: wood pile, brackets, windows, all manner of tools and a gravel chute made of thick timber planks. Warning triangles are printed on the construction trailer model.