Deluxe Materials Ballast Magic for Model Railways

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Ballast Magic is a powder that is mixed with model railway ballast and then misted with water using a fine mist spray bottle.

Ballast Magic by Deluxe Materials allows for easy ballasting with instant grab yet allowing you to work and shape the stone. It will work with almost any model railway scale.

To use, mix between 5 and 10 parts ballast granules with 1 part Ballast Magic, lay on your model railway track as desired then to activate, spray carefully with water without flooding the work. 1-2 hours drying time, leaves an invisible matt finish.

Ideal also for creating yards with piles of stone or coal. Material can be wetted with warm water to release.

Deluxe Materials Ballast Magic Starter Kit contains Ballast Magic (125ml), Fine Ballast-Misting Spray Bottle and Ballast/ Powder Mixing Accessories.