Berko B242R 2 Aspect RG Standard Right Offset Square Head

Berko B242R 2 Aspect (R/G) Standard Right Offset Square Head

  • £19.94


2 light signal red/green standard left/right offset square head This full length signal is placed at the side of the track. It is suitable for any layout based from around 1970 when this style of signal head came into use, and examples could still be found on the network until 2009, when the new slimmer signals became standard although this replacement programme began around 2000. A red light is used to indicate stop and the green light indicating permission to proceed or route clear. An offset signal is placed in areas where driver visibility of the signal could be impaired if a standard signal were used. This signal is ready to use out of the box and features a pre-wired resistor to allow the safe operation of the signal from a 12 Volt DC power supply.