BLOCKsignalling ASP1B Light Aspect Controller Common Cathode Wired

BLOCKsignalling ASP1B Light Aspect Controller Common Cathode (Wired)

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Model Railway Automatic LED Signal Control with Wired Infra Red Sensor Uses an infra-red sensor mounted below the track to detect trains passing above When a train is detected, the module triggers the signal to switch to red Signal automatically switches back to green (through yellow and double-yellow if appropriate) Flexible programming options to suit different signals and to allow adjustment of timings to suit Designed for signals which need +12V to be switched to them to light their leds (common cathode) Wide input voltage range (8V to 25V DC, 12V to 16V AC, or can be powered from a DCC power bus). Realistic fading between aspects. Yellow and Double-Yellow stages will change to red if another train passes. Building on the success of our infra-red train detectors, this module boasts a wider range of input voltages, smooth fading between aspects, and the ability to be triggered from yellow or double-yellow stages back to red. This Signal Controller detects trains by bouncing invisible Infra-Red (IR) light off the underside of the rolling stock, and detecting the light reflected back. Once triggered by the train, the module runs built-programs to simulate the operation of 2-, 3- or 4-aspect signals. The signal normally shows green. When the train passes the detector, the signal switches to red. Once the train has fully cleared the detector, the module switches the signal back to green (via yellow and double-yellow if appropriate). The duration of the red, yellow and double-yellow stages can be adjusted, as can the time the sensor needs to be cleared before initiating the sequence returning to green and the sensitivity of the detection. Adjusting the time the sensor needs to be cleared can be useful to prevent incorrect detection of the train having passed due to the small gaps between the rolling stock. This controller is designed for connection to signals which have a common-cathode (common negative) connection. This is normally the case for UK manufactured signals. European and American signals generally use a common-anode connection, which can be powered from our identically featured ASP2A. Features No calibration required – works out of the box. No modifications required to rolling stock. Not affected by light or dark, or changes in light level. Designed and manufactured in the UK. Pre-wired sensor plugged in to the main board. For full instructions :