BLOCKsignalling BOD2-RLY Bod2 Train Detector IR No Soldering With Relay

BLOCKsignalling BOD2-RLY Bod2 Train Detector (IR) No Soldering With Relay

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Detects trains and operates a built-in relay. Quick and easy way to detect trains anywhere on your layout, even in tunnels Detects passing trains using its in-built infra-red sensor Very easy to connect up to simple indications on a control panel or to add as inputs to computer systems Operates from 8V to 25V DC or 8V to 16V AC Low current output (+5V DC) to feed leds, signals or small relays No soldering required, all components are ready wired No programming necessary (but you can adjust all settings if you wish) We often are asked how to detect trains in tunnels, or on layouts where enthusiasts run their trains in twilight, or even in complete darkness. In these situations, photocell operated detectors will not work, and so you need a detector with a built-in light source. The BOD2-RLY has a built-in infra-red detector which can "see" in the dark and can detect trains in these situations. The module has a small relay built-in. When a train crosses the sensor, the relay coil is energised and the relay common contact (labelled COM) moves from the normally-closed (NC) position to the normally open position NO. After the train clears the sensor, the module de-energises the relay and the relay contact moves to the normally-open position. A delay can be set before this occurs to allow a train indication to remain present for a period, or the indication can immediately reset. The module can also be set to ignore the gaps between carriages. With a delay, the module can operate a two aspect signal, switching to red when a train crosses the sensor, and back to green a preset time after the sensor is cleared. There are several programming options available (see later). You can power the module from 12V-25V DC or 12V to 16V AC. The module reduces the supply voltage down to 5V to feed attached leds, etc Download full documentation from: