BLOCKsignalling D2-NS Block Occupancy Train Detector

BLOCKsignalling D2-NS Block Occupancy (Train Detector)

  • £16.99


Quick and easy way to detect trains anywhere on your layout, even in tunnelsDetects passing trains using its in-built infra-red sensorOperates from 8V to 25V DC, 8V to 16V AC, or uses DCC as a power feed and feeds signals at 12VVery easy to connect up to simple indications on a control panel or to add as inputs to computer systemsNo soldering required, all components are ready wiredNo programming necessary(but you can adjust all settings if you wish)The BOD2-NS has a built-in infra-red detector which can "see" in the dark and can detect trains in these situations.Two leds and a small relay can be connected. Normally one of the leds is lit ("NO TRAIN"). When a train crosses the sensor, the first led is extinguished and the second led is lit (and relay, if connected) is energised. These leds can be fixed on a control panel to show a train has crossed the sensor.After the train clears the sensor, the module resets to just the first led being illuminated. A delay can be set before this occurs to allow the train indication to remain present for a period, or the indication can immediately reset to the first led being illuminated.The instantaneous mode is useful for precisely locating a train, for example for uncoupling, whereas the delayed mode gives a train present indication and ignores the gaps between the carriages.You can power the module from 12V-25V DC, 12V to 16V AC, or from a DCC bus feed. The module reduces the supply voltage down to 12V to feed the signals and external resistors are not required as these are built into the module.