BLOCKsignalling SAS1 Advanced Train Shuttle

  • £20.34


Shuttle Train Controller with Flexible Options Automatically operates a train backwards and forwards along a single line Waiting time at either end is adjustable or can be set to random. Trains can be set to wait at either or both ends until a button pressed (Dispatch Control) with an led to indicate a train is waiting. Optional Route Indication leds can be connected to show train waiting at either end, or in transit up or down the line. Optional 2-aspect signals can be connected, and will switch to green three seconds before train departs, and back to red two seconds later. The BLOCKsignalling Simple Automatic Shuttle is designed to automate a DC model train running backwards and forwards along a single length of track. At each end of the track, a diode is fixed across an insulated rail gap to stop the train until the track current is reversed and the train can automatically start travelling in the reverse direction. The module is fully programmable to select fixed or random waiting time at one or both ends of the line and to set the maximum waiting time. There is a option where the train will not set off until manually dispatched by pressing a push button placed on the control panel (departure control). Each of the relays are rated at 10A for long life (traction current is typically 0.5A to 1A). Power Supply The controller is designed for use with a DC power supply of between 10V and 25V, or an AC power supply of between 10V and 16V. Where there is a choice, the recommended power supply is 12V DC. For further info see this website page: