BLOCKsignalling TLC1A Traffic Light Controller Common Cathode

BLOCKsignalling TLC1A Traffic Light Controller (Common Cathode)

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BLOCKsignalling Traffic Light Controller (TLC1A) (wider input voltage, fading aspects and no resistors required compared with TLC1). Programmable LED Traffic Lights Controller with Fading Easy to wire and operate Realistic operation with fading between aspects to simulate filament lamps Can connect to a wide variety of supply voltages for easy powering UK and Continental switching sequences catered for No external resistors required as they are built in to the module Timings and other settings can be adjusted if required The BLOCKsignalling TLC1A Traffic Light Controller has been designed for railway modellers to make it very quick and easy to add traffic light signals to their layouts. The unit can connect to AC, DC and DCC power supplies to make powering the unit as flexible as possible. Whichever voltage you connect, the module automatically reduces the supply voltage to provide a stable feed to the traffic lights. To simplify wiring, resistors are built-in, so it is not necessary to connect in or solder additional resistors to the traffic lights (any already installed can remain). The module is pre-programmed to replicate the standard UK sequence, but it is a simple matter to change this to follow a continental sequence to suit the model. This model (TLC1A) is designed for traffic lights which have a common-cathode connection, the negative (cathodes) of each of the leds are connected together at each light. If you have traffic lights with common-anode connections where the positive (anodes) of the leds are wired together, then the complimentary BLOCKsignalling TLC2A should be used. Sequences The default UK sequence is shown below. The duration of each phase can be easily adjusted during the programming to suit. UK Traffic Light Timing If you re-program the module to replicate the continental sequence, then the following default timings are used: Continental Traffic Light Timing Fading We have spent many hours testing and adjusting settings to produce a fully realistic representation of how traffic lights (used to) operate. Modern traffic lights almost exclusively use led technology, and so instantly switch between each colour. Up until about 10 years ago, filament lamps were used, and these turn-on and turn-off over a short time. The software in the BLOCKsignalling traffic light controllers provides a similar action when model led lights are connected. We have made the timings of the dimming adjustable if you wish to vary the settings, or you can turn the dimming off if you wish. BLOCKsignalling Realistic LED Fading Power Supply The module operates from AC, DC or DCC (track bus) supplies. You can use a DC power supply between 8V and 25V DC, or any AC power supply between 8V and 16V AC. If using DCC, the feed can be between 8V and 25V, which covers all normal DCC layouts. Where a choice is a available, a 12V DC supply is recommended. Please check the wiring carefully before turning on the power to prevent damage to the module. Download full documentation from: