Brawa 40912 Steam Locomotive BR 01 DR DC Analogue BASIC

Brawa 40912 Steam Locomotive BR 01 DR DC Analogue BASIC+

  • £374.95

HO Scale
  • Illuminated drivers cab
  • Standard shaft front and rear with link guide
  • Close coupling between locomotive and tender
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Epoch-typical toe bearing
  • Lines and extra mounted parts in minimum material thickness
  • Extra mounted steps
  • Drive in the tender
  • Many extra mounted parts
  • Single axle bearing
  • True-to-scale details
  • Boiler, drivers cab and tender made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic
  • Perfectly replicated back boilerplate
  • Perforated underframe and spoked wheels in die-cast zinc
  • Smoke generator and sound decoder, either built in or as a retrofit option
  • True-to-epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing
  • 850 mm leading wheels
  • Screwed discharge boxes on the cylinders
  • Valve gear holder in welded design
  • Tender 22 T34



Navigable minimum radius: The models of BR 01 are technically suitable for R 360. For best driving characteristics we recommend the use on R 420.