Brawa 41649 Diesel Locomotive 236 DB AC Digital EXTRA

Brawa 41649 Diesel Locomotive 236 DB AC Digital EXTRA

  • £414.95

HO Scale
    • Etched radiator grille (prototypically on models without radiator lamellas)
    • Free-standing handles and handrails
    • Clear view through the driver cabin
    • Lights equipped with maintenance-free LEDs
    • Three-point support
    • Finely detailed chassis
    • Finest paintwork and painting
    • Reproduction of the brake linkage
    • Metal frame and wheels, structure made of plastic
    • NEM-standard short coupling
    • Light change and driver cabin light



    Digital Version EXTRA:


    • Filigree electronic coupling (interchangeable due to NEM standard)*
    • Incl. energy storage (buffers sound, motor and light)
    • Extensive light functions: shunting lights, drivers cabin lighting, tail lights separately switchable
    • Optimized lighting control for drive and shunting mode
    • Flicker-free light, due to stabilized 5V power supply which is buffered through a separate capacitor
    • Original sound
    • Noiseless 16-bit sound with up to 8 independent channels thanks to latest sound technology and excellent sound characteristics
    • Optimal motor and load control for perfect running characteristics
    • Compatible with all established digital systems (DCC, Motorola, SX1 und SX2)
    • Enclosed locomotive card in the AC version
    • Driver cabin lighting


    It is possible to retrospectively convert from analogue to digital via a PluX22 interface (only sound functions). Please note that it is not possible to retrospectively convert the digital remotecontrol coupling or the additional light functions. For retrofitting of the product variant "Basic+" we recommend the sound decoder SD22A-4 (Order no. 99801).