Brawa 42796 Diesel Locomotive Gravita 10 BB BR 261 DB AG DC Digital EXTRA

Brawa 42796 Diesel Locomotive Gravita® 10 BB, BR 261 DB AG DC Digital EXTRA

  • £439.95

HO Scale
  • All specific details of the different series taken into consideration
  • Etched cooler grille and fan grille
  • Free-standing handrails
  • Spring buffers
  • Clear view through the drivers cabin
  • Realistic reproduction of the tubular frame bogies incl. axle drive
  • Reproduction of brake rods
  • Completely recreated drivers cab
  • Die-cast zinc chassis and gear housing
  • Lights fitted with maintenance-free LEDs


Digital Version EXTRA:

  • Functional, switchable fan
  • Filigree electronic coupling (interchangeable thanks to NEM standard)*
  • Incl. energy storage (buffers sound, motor and light)
  • Extensive light functions: shunting lights, drivers cabin lighting, tail lights separately switchable
  • Optimized lighting control for drive and shunting mode
  • Flicker-free light, due to stabilized 5V power supply which is buffered through a separate capacitor
  • Original sound
  • Noiseless 16-bit sound with up to 8 independent channels thanks to latest sound technology and excellent sound characteristics
  • Optimal motor and load control for perfect running characteristics
  • Compatible with all established digital systems (DCC, Motorola, SX1 und SX2)
  • Enclosed locomotive card in the AC version


* It is possible to retrospectively convert the Diesel Locomotive V 90 from analogue to digital via a PluX22 interface (only sound functions). Please note that it is not possible to retrospectively convert the digital
remotecontrol coupling, the driven fan or the additional light functions.