Brawa 45919 Rheingold Express Train Coach Set DRG 5-unit AC Digital

Brawa 45919 Rheingold Express Train Coach Set DRG, 5-unit AC Digital

  • £654.95

HO Scale
    • Precise replica of the Görlitz II schwer bogies
    • Different roofs and car bottoms
    • Metal wheels
    • Three-point support in metal axle support
    • Multi-part and multi-colored interior fittings
    • Individually placed table lamps
    • Short coupling kinematics
    • Finest paintwork and printing
    • In-plane assembled windows
    • Precise replica of the brake unit
    • Originally reproduced frame
    • All specific details of the different eras taken into account


    Digital Version:

    • Entry lighting
    • Roof and table lighting
    • Operating and kitchen sound


    Content of the set:

    • Express Train Coach SPw4ü-28 DRG (Road no. 105 001 Köln)
    • Express Train Coach SA4ü-28 DRG (Road no. 10 502 Köln)
    • Express Train Coach SA4üK-28 DRG (Road no. 10 501 Köln), Salon coach 1st class with kitchen
    • Express Train Coach SB4ü-28 DRG (Road no. 10 702 Köln), Salon coach 1st class
    • Express Train Coach SB4üK-29 DRG (Road no. 10 707 Köln), Salon coach 2nd class with kitchen