Brawa 46311 Passenger Coaches B3yge and BD3yge DB set of 2

Brawa 46311 Passenger Coaches B3yge and BD3yge DB, set of 2

  • £119.95

HO Scale
  • Freestanding handrails
  • Consideration of all frame differences for the AB3yg, B3yg and BPw3yg
  • True-to-original frame with many extra mounted parts
  • Elastic rubber bulge
  • Reproduction of the roof welding seams
  • Freestanding brake system and car body supports
  • Front side windows in the drivers department of the BPw3yg
  • Prepared for interior lighting and tail light
  • Short coupling kinematics
  • Multipart interior fittings in multicolour painting
  • True-to-scale tail light
  • Narrow frame to scale
  • In-plane assembled windows
  • Metal tip bearing
  • Reproduction of the step grille on all entrances
  • Adjustable center axle