Brawa 6340 Nebelhorn Cableway

Brawa 6340 Nebelhorn Cableway

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The Nebelhorn mountain is 2224 m high and is the local mountain of the spa town Oberstdorf in the Bavarian region of Allgäu. In 1927, the Nebelhornbahn AG was founded with the objective of developing the peak of the Nebelhorn for tourism.

Construction work commenced one year later and in 1930, the Nebelhorn cableway was finished. When it was opened, it was the longest passenger aerial cableway in the world. The lower cableway, upon which the BRAWA model is based, climbs 452 m over a distance of 2.2 km. The central section gradient is 20.9 %. At a maximum speed of 10 m/s, it can transport 630 persons per hour.