Brawa 65145 Control Car Bybdzf 482 1 VR DB AG

Brawa 65145 Control Car Bybdzf 482.1 „VR“ DB AG

  • £104.95

N Scale
  • Lights change from white to red when there is a change in the direction of travel
  • interface in accordance with nem 651
  • “wittenberger kopf” faithfully reproduced to scale
  • pivot mountingwith extra sand pits and indusi
  • interior corresponding to the original, with 2nd-class compartment, bicycle compartment, baggage compartment and large-capacity wc
  • Interior lacquered in multiple colors
  • excellent running qualities with 3-point suspension
  • freestandinganti-roll support on the pivot mounting
  • coloring in accordance with RAL, corresponding to the original
  • replica of the airheating system in the car floor
  • exact replica of the “Görlitz V” pivot mountings