Busch 46714 Turquoise Green VW Hebmlle Convertible With Roof Down

Busch 46714 Turquoise Green VW Hebmülle Convertible With Roof Down

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Means of transportation through the ages. On October 18, 1889, Joseph Hebmüller, born in Onaggern (formerly East Prussia) on September 29, took over the bankrupt coach-builder Sauer in Barmen, in which he previously took up his job as a car builder. The family-run business, initially with 10 employees, was expanded by 20 employees in the following years. Among the journeyman was even the later Reich President Friedrich Ebert. With the help of his four sons, the company of the trained wheelwright Joseph Hebmüller developed very successfully until his death in 1919. After that, his sons invested in the manufacture of automobile bodies and designed and built various limousines. From the 1930s, the Hebmüller brothers also manufactured for large series manufacturers such as Opel and Ford, who developed convertibles and open sports cars. In 1948, the production of the elegant two-seater VW convertible with a fully retractable soft top was added, for which an order for 2,000 units from the Volkswagen plant was received. However, a devastating major fire on July 23, 1949 destroyed the production facilities so much that only 696 pieces could be produced. The reconstruction in 1951 weakened the companys financial strength so much that, due to the deteriorating economic situation, the company had to request a settlement in May 1952 and cease operations with a workforce of over 700 employees. The few models of the production at that time were preferably produced in a two-tone paint job and sold for a price that was quite high at the time, initially DM 7,500.00 and later DM 6,950.00.