Busch 95120 Espewe IFA W50 Sp CSAD

Busch 95120 Espewe: IFA W50 Sp CSAD

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The basic type of a large range of commercial vehicles of the 5t useful mass class from Ludwigsfelde was the flatbed vehicle W50L. Built since 1965 and continuously developed, the 2-axle front link has proven itself with domestic and foreign customers. The W50L Sp platform truck was used to meet customers wishes for a commercial vehicle with an enlarged loading area for the transport of pallets and bulky goods. Compared to the flatbed vehicle W50L, the forwarding vehicle has a longer flatbed with a raised front wall and divided side walls. CSAD was the state motor vehicle company in the former Czechoslovakia. Between 1949 and 1990 the CSAD operated with its blue and white vehicles the entire intercity bus transport as well as the national road transport in Czechoslovakia.