Busch 95239 Espewe IFA W50 La Mexico Expedition

Busch 95239 Espewe: IFA W50 La, Mexico Expedition

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The W50 was designed in over 70 basic variants with different bodies. For use on long-haul routes and for transporting furniture and bulky or large-volume goods, the forwarding cab used on the W50L MK furniture trunk vehicle was also used. Vehicles with extended cabins were used for tours on which additional accompanying personnel, such as furniture transport, was necessary. Of course, such a cab, combined with the four-wheel drive, also convenient for an expedition tour to Mexico. With 350 products from 176 companies in the GDR 1968/69 went on large Latin American advertising and test drive. The sponsor and organizer was the Berliner Interwerbung GmbH.