Busch 95616 Espewe IFA S4000 TLF Fre Engine

Busch 95616 Espewe: IFA S4000 TLF Fre Engine

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The S4000 as a fire engine was produced from 1959 to 1967 and had a cab with a crew cab for 6 people.In the equipment room, all devices such as the pump and the rapid attack device were integrated, and there were 2 connecting ladders on the accessible roof.The production took place until 1965 in the VEB fire extinguisher plant in Jhstadt, then in the VEB fire extinguisher plant in Luckenwalde.The vehicles from Luckenwalde can be recognized by the smooth design of the cabin, the vehicles from Jhstadt have a bead under the side windows.The model reproduces the version from Luckenwalde.Production ended due to the replacement by the 1969 newly developed W50 LA TLF 16 on four-wheel drive chassis.Decommissioned vehicles also came to regional transport companies, road maintenance departments or agricultural production cooperatives and were used there, for example, as equipment or workshop trolleys. The model reproduced is the vehicle of a voluntary fire brigade, in which the lower third with the fire brigade lettering, which was mandatory for modern vehicles from the 1980s, was attached, although the design regulations did not apply to this older vehicle type. However, the fire departments were occasionally adapted to the appearance of the more modern vehicles and were also given blue rotating beacons.