Busch 95717 Espewe Orange Robur LO 2500

Busch 95717 Espewe: Orange Robur LO 2500

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The Robur Bus was produced in 1961-1964.The prototype, which was produced by ROBUR and the VEB Karosseriewerk Halle in 1958-1960, was the forerunner of the Robur front link series. The Robur 2500 had an air-cooled carburetor engine 4 VO 11.8 / 9.5 SRL Robur LO 4/1 with 4 cylinders, 3345cc displacement and 52 KW (70 HP). It reached a top speed of 80 km / h. It had 18 seats and had characteristic "suicide doors". From 1965-1973 it was built as LO 2501 with hinged doors and 21 seats. Due to the changed dimensions, the bus became longer and higher.