Busch 12010 ## Feldbahn set Mineral tipper set

Busch 12010 Feldbahn set Mineral tipper set

  • £187.75

HOf Scale

Feldbahn locomotive Deutz OMZ 122 F and three tippers, one with a brakeman's platform. Narrow gauge railroad starter set with 2 wagons. Also included: 8 curved track pieces - radius 115 mm. 1 straight track and power connecting track each 133.2 mm. Incl. Battery box with switch (forward / reverse / stop). The field train tracks contain an integrated metal insert to increase the contact pressure of the wheels on the rails. This ensures reliable contact and high torque for a smooth ride. The track oval has a footprint of approximately 265 x 375 mm. To operate the train two 1.5V AA batteries LR6/AA are required (not included) or an AC adapter with 3 V DC. Since the locomotives have a minimal power consumption the batteries will last a long time.