Busch 12113 ## Diesel Loco Gmeinder 15/18 Green

Busch 12113 Diesel Loco Gmeinder 15/18 Green

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Closed design in typical paint with green body and red chassis. Achsfolge B. Length: approx. 35 mm diesel locomotive Gmeinder 15/18 The Feldbahnlok corresponds to a type which has been produced in this design principle from the mid-twenties of the Baden company Gmeinder. The locomotive was produced in large quantities until the fifties, and is due to their robustness partially still in use today. The model of the light railway locomotive is according to their horsepower with "Gmeinder 15/18" referred (15 hp continuous duty / 18 hp short-term performance) and is driven by a diesel engine with three-speed transmission and chain drive at a maximum speed of 12 km / h. The track width is 600 mm. The locomotive models there like the prototype as versions with open and closed cab. Are powered by small engines a 3 volt micro-precision motor with gear reduction for prototypical slow speed and strong traction. Through a built-in magnet, the contact pressure of the locomotive is increased to the metal-backed narrow gauge railroad and thus ensures a safe power consumption of the rails and smooth slow motion. The locomotives have on the back of the cab a wobbler for a realistic train composition and a magnetic coupling for use with Loren and cars from the Busch-Grubenbahn range. As in the original smallest curve radii can be travelled (to 100 mm) with the Feldbahnlok. It can also be used very well due to the compact design and low space requirements for design dioramas and complement existing model railroad layouts.