DCC Concepts DCC011017-A DCC Concepts Layout Control and Creation Ranges Catalogue

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Published in Autumn 2017, DCC Concepts - The Layout Control & Creation Ranges Catalogue is the first catalogue from DCC Concepts.  It includes detailed, in depth information on the Cobalt iP, Digital iP and Classic Omega Slow Action Point Motors as well as accessories, PSU2+, The Cobalt Alpha Range including Alpha Encoder, Alpha Central, Alpha Power, Alpha Box, Alpha Panel, Alpha Sniffer, REX, Alpha-Switch A and Alpha-Switch-D.  

The Catalogue Also includes all the modelling tools for layout creation as well as wiring and Soldering.

Cobalt SS in differing pack sizes and accessories follows on to Cobalt-S Levers, Cobalt AD2SX and AD8SX.  Alpha Mimic Ground Signals, Powerbase, CDU2 and Legacy Track and Ballast round off this glossy 48 page catalogue.