Deluxe Materials Body Armour - 60g

Deluxe Materials Body Armour - 60g

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For reinforcing & repairing plastic model car bodies

Impact resistant & safe on paint

Deluxe Materials Body Armour is a highly flexible polymer adhesive specially designed for reinforcing & repairing model car bodies subject to the arduous conditions of model car driving and competition.

Its specially designed flexible & tenacious formula makes it ideal for protecting & repairing splits, tears& holes in model car bodies, thus preserving & prolonging the integrity and life of the car body shell.

Body Armour should be applied to the critical areas, e.g. fenders, wheel arches etc with a spatula or finger. A smear of liquid detergent will ease surface contouring & smoothing.

Body Armour is safe, non-flammable, sets at 1mm / hr and is easily cleaned with white spirit. It bonds to most car body plastics, metal, including polycarbonate & styrene & will not attack most common model car paints.

Body Armour can also be used to attach electronics, wires, LED light bulbs and more to the car body shell or to the chassis and other components.