Golden Valley Hobbies GV7128 GVNEM01 Conversion NEM pockets for Bachmann Hornby Tri-Ang 2 pairs

Golden Valley Hobbies EM01 GVNEM01 Conversion NEM pockets for Bachmann, Hornby, Tri-Ang (2 pairs)

  • £4.00


These converters can be widely used in older model railway stock, including wagons and carriages, and can be found on various brands such as Tri-Ang, Wrenn, Bachmann, Mainline, Hornby, Cambrian and Parkside.Before using them, its important to ensure that the coupler you choose fits the NEM pocket. Please check this before removing a pocket from the sprue.When working with wagons, minimal adjustments are usually needed. However, if there are rivets present, you may need to drill them out or remove the mounting column.The design of these converters relies on the two outer posts of the model to be at the correct height. To secure the converters in place, a small amount of glue is required on the outer posts. We recommend using epoxy glue for the best adhesion and durability as it offers excellent resistance to vibrations and movement, which are common in model railway operations.Before permanently fixing the converters, its crucial to double-check that they are at the desired height for proper operation. To verify the height, you can use a reliable reference point or measurement tool, such as a scale ruler or a gauge. By confirming the correct height, you can ensure that the couplers engage and disengage smoothly, allowing for seamless movement and realistic operations on your model railway layout.