Golden Valley Hobbies GV7130 GVNEM03 Conversion NEM pockets for Hornby Dapol and Airfix 2 pairs

Golden Valley Hobbies EM03 GVNEM03 Conversion NEM pockets for Hornby, Dapol and Airfix (2 pairs)

  • £4.00


These converters are widely used with older stock, including wagons and carriages, and can be found on well-known brands such as Hornby, Dapol, Dapol Kits, and Airfix.Before use, please ensure that your desired coupler fits the NEM pocket by checking it before removing a pocket from the sprue.Wagons or carriages typically have a push-fit tension lock, which engages around a central post covered by a plastic clip to hold the tension lock in place.To convert, simply remove the tension lock coupling by pulling it out. Take off the plastic retainer clip that covers the post and coupling, which should be clipped into the sides of the coupling mount. Once removed, cut or remove the central post and file it down until it is level with the lower surface.Once youre satisfied, remove an NEM converter from the sprue using flush cutters. Some cleaning may be necessary before fixing it in position. Before permanently fixing it, check the height using a height gauge or another item of rolling stock and temporarily secure it in place with Blu Tack.Once youre happy and confident, fix it in place with some epoxy adhesive, ensuring that you leave enough margin to prevent any glue from seeping into the NEM pocket channel.