Golden Valley Hobbies GV7137 Self Adhesive Tarmac Road OO 176 HO 187 1m x 80mm

Golden Valley Hobbies D50 Self Adhesive Tarmac Road OO (1:76) / HO (1:87) 1m x 80mm

  • £7.70

OO Scale

OO Flexible Roadway 1m long x 80mm wide with road markings.Self adhesive and flexible.Simply measure distance required, cut to length. Peel backing tape and push onto surface.This flexible polymer can also be shaped into gentle curves and over minor changes in level - making it great as a realistic road for your diorama.You can also trim the edges to make it narrower or remove the outside white lines if required.Can be laid over small lumps and bumps, handles inclines and can even be gently shaped around into slight curves.Incredibly good value for money - save pounds compared with leading brands.