Golden Valley Hobbies GV7141 GVSCO16 Track Screws O Gauge 16mm Long x100

Golden Valley Hobbies CO16 GVSCO16 Track Screws O Gauge 16mm Long (x100)

  • £4.95


Longer track screws designed to be used on model railways and specifically flexible trackBetter hold than nails and pinsAllows easy removal without damaging the trackEasier and safer to fit than pins as they do not require a hammerCharacteristics:16mm long (5/8in): enough to go through the sleepers and thick underlaySelf tapping: will create their own thread into the woodNo pre-drilling required unless screwing into hard woodBlackened: will not show in the middle of sleepersSize: Recommended for O gauge trackEach bag contains approximately 100 screws: this is enough for more than 16 yards of track if using 6 screws per lengthRecommended to be used with Golden Valley Hobbies screwdriver part number GVDRIVERDo not overtightened as to not damage the trackPlease note: this item is packed by weight so quantity may vary slightly