Golden Valley Hobbies TCD-065 Taliesin A CD Of a Thunderstorm

Taliesin -065 A CD Of a Thunderstorm

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TCD-065 Taliesin A CD Of a ThunderstormTaliesin Studios Sound Effect CDs will play on normal CD machines, PCs etc. You can also copy the material to a portable media device such as iPhone for personal use or non profit public use - such as Model Railway Club Layouts appearing at Exhibitions. Please contact us if you wish to use the material for all other public, professional or commercial use as a further licence may be required. Each disc typically contains a continuous file of approx. 60 minutes. Originally records by Michael Anthony, these records are once again available via Golden Valley Hobbies. If the sound effect you want is not listed please contact our office as we hold the entire library of 140 CD sound effects.