Knightwing PM124 Double Portacabin with Steps

Knightwing KNWPM124 Double Portacabin with Steps

  • £24.64


Double Portakabin Pacemaker with steps (for twin storey use)

Plastic Portakabin Pacemaker (Portable Building) Kit

Portakabins can be found in every type of situation on a layout. For example it could be found on a Stabling Point or Signing On Point for locos, on a Station Platform, in the Station Yard, Haulage Depots or Builders yards etc, etc,etc. In fact, it can be used anywhere on your layout!

If the Portakabin is used as a Fuel Depot or as Loco Stabling Point, then our companion kits PM116 Fuel Diesel Depot, PM118 Fuel Oil Loading/Unloading Point, PM135 Fuel Tanks plus our UN1 & UN2 pipes valves etc will enhance your layout.

"Portakabin" is a Registered Trade Mark of Portakabin Limited, York, England and Knightwing Models are proud to be associated with an outstanding and versatile product from a leading British Company.

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