Noch 15880 At The Tennis (6) And Accessories Figure Set

Scalology Ltd. Noch 15880 At The Tennis (6) And Accessories Figure Set

  • £9.99

HO Scale

The "Tennis Set" hand painted figure set contains 6 model figures, and various accessories. Two female persons wear typical tennis clothing, which consists of a white polo t-shirt, a white short skirt, white socks and white sneakers. Both are holding a black or red tennis racket in their hands. The men are also dressed in a white tennis dress, which also consists of a polo t-shirt and short sports pants. Both hold the tennis racket in their right hand. One of the men wears a white cap with a shield on his head that protects him from the sun. A red and an orange sports bag are also included in this model figure set. There is also a ball boy kneeling on the floor. In tennis tournaments, ball boys and girls are indispensable helpers, who can even enter the field when the game is interrupted. Of course, a referee should not be missing either. This sits on a high chair with rung ladder so that he can see the entire field. His outfit consists of a white hat, a blue jacket, a white shirt with a red tie, gray, long trousers and black shoes. There is nothing that brings more life to your model landscape than realistic Noch figurines for every possible Scene. This HO/OO figure set contains 6 figures and accesories.