Deluxe Materials Roket Cyano Hot, Rapid, Max, Odourless, Gel, Roket Blaster, Glue Buster

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Deluxe Materials world renowned Roket Cyano range are cyanoacrylate glues of the highest quality.

Similar in chemical make-up to the commonly found super-glues on the market, the Roket Cyano range offers different viscosity adhesives depending on the job at hand.  They will all bond wood, plastic, metal, card, rubber and more..

  • Roket Hot (20g) is a very thin, quick drying and penetrating cyano adhesive, setting in around 1 to 5 seconds and is ideal for discrete applications to join tightly fitting parts together.
  • Roket Rapid (20g) is a medium, quick drying cyano adhesive, setting in around 5-10 seconds and is ideal for general use.
  • Roket Max (20g) is a thick cyano adhesive, setting in around 10 - 20 seconds and is ideal for gap-filling and wider, reinforced joints and where you don't want the adhesive to flow.
  • Roket Odourless (20g) is a medium cyano adhesive, setting in around 5 - 10 seconds and is a low odour Cyano glue ideal for use around plastics and foam where you want to avoid blooming and misting usually associated with super glue.
  • Roket Gel (20ml) Gel version of Roket Cyano, comes in a tube instead of a bottle and is a gap filling, non runny formula with a fast 10 second setting time
  • Roket Blaster (50ml) is an accelerating agent for Cyanoacrylate based super-glues - the best way to use Roket Blaster is to prepare the surfaces on your model that you intend to glue and then apply the Cyano of your choice.
  • Roket Blaster Refill (250ml) - Large refill bottle of Roket Blaster.
  • Glue Buster (28g) dissolves superglue and cyanoacrylate based adhesives.  Have you ever got your finger stuck together with Superglues? Glue Buster is the cure!

Deluxe Materials has the adhesive that is right for the job!